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What is Bexio Connector by Helvy?

The Shopify App Bexio Connector by Helvy allows you to fully automate the synchronization of your Shopify store with bexio to save your time and the one from your accountant. Your orders (including payments and shipments) are transferred seamlessly to bexio. Many other features and settings are available to customize synchronizations, but all you need to get started is a Shopify store and a bexio account!

Where does this Shopify app originate from?

This app has been developed by Helvy Sàrl, a swiss company based in Neuchâtel 🇨🇭, co-founded by three Shopify and bexio users who teamed up to tackle existing limitations in the way orders (and other data) are synced between both systems. After designing, developing, testing and using the plugin on their own store, they decided to scale the app and release it publicly in September 2023.

Since the public release of the app, we have been labelized Swissmade Software as all developments are conducted between Neuchâtel and Lausanne. We are also officially bexio partners since December 2023.

State of this documentation

We put a lot of efforts in design and integration of our app so that anyone can install it and have it running on their Shopify store without the need of any side documentation.

This documentation might be useful if your use case is a bit more specific or if you want to deep dive into the way our Shopify-bexio connector works and handles synchronization of your store's data. It does not yet exhaustively list all features that our app enables; but will be updated by our team regularly, based on the feedback and discussions we have with our customers. A "Guides" section detailing some specific use cases / settings is planned to be released by February 2024.